alex writes:

> I think however it would require a significant 
> software change which I am not qualified to estimate. Those more familiar 
> with the FOP source code can evaluate that.

I am now working on 'Styles' and 'default fonts', so that you
can tell some iText object 'please apply this style'.
Once this is finished, I will take a look at FOP. 

>> > So the questions are:
>> > - is the license useable
>> > - is the api sufficient for FOP to use
> A look at Sourceforge tells us that the licenCes (bloody Americans can't 
> spell English words) are
> License: GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL), Mozilla Public License 
> 1.1 
> If Bruno is still the copyright holder then he can presumably simply "add" 
> an Apache-style licence.
> I don't feel comfortable using the LGPL for this and don't know about the 
> Mozilla license. 
> Now I can't even find the exact text of these on the sourceforge site but 
> I know they must be somewhere. 
> I suppose I could always just download the software since the licences 
> will be in the software package, no?

You don't need to download the complete package, the licen[c|s]es
are on my site:
You can find my motivation for using these libraries here: 

If Apache is compatible with MPL, I can indeed add it.
But as I stated before: I am going to work in the private
sector again soon (for the moment I work for the government).
I didn't like some non-disclosure clausules in my contract
at my new company, but I signed it because I feel protected
by the MPL: if they ask me to write extra functionality for
iText, the MPL has priority over my contract (if they'll
disagree, I'll quit). I fear that if iText gets an Apache
licen[c|s]e, my new company will be able to prevent my from
distributing all improvements. 

kind regards,

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