Hi Ralph

> Apropos of the many threads discussing 1.3 vs 1.2 code dependencies
> particularly as it relates to the awt renderer TT fonts, and I might add
> printing, I repeat my question (below) about ~how not to~ use TT fonts.

I'm afraid that I can't be of any help here at the moment. Reasons are
lack of knowledge about AWT and lack of time.

> Plus this:  I work from the premise that most users of fop will prefer
> ~not~ to explicitly configure their own fonts (unless the locale require it)
> but will take the built-ins -- which to my mind, means those supplied by 
> Java.
> Would that be an um ~naive~ assumption?

I don't think so. When FOP is used as/in some kind of end-user tool
(possibly with a GUI), users will expect the software to use the fonts
available in the system. On the other side, if FOP is used as a service,
then this is not necessarily true.

I think I remember some people saying that the info AWT returns on fonts
is not enough for FOP to do a good layout. So this means writing code
that can detect the installed fonts on a system (OS dependant!!!) and
read their font metrics. Especially the PDF and PS renderers could
profit from this, but maybe also the AWT renderer. I've got too little
knowledge about the AWT renderer to make a qualified statement. Anyway,
this is something that's pretty high on my wishlist. Maybe I get to
start it in my holidays in August/September. Project situation here
doesn't allow for work on FOP at the moment. I've got to do that in my
free time.

What about the jCatalog people? Still there somewhere? You guys know
pretty much about the AWT renderer, right?

Jeremias Märki


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