Rather than building multiple version dependant JARs and having users select the best 
one, perhaps we could, behind an interface that effectively hides the issue, detect 
the version of the VM being run and dynamically load appropriate handler classes?  
This alleviates the burden of users selecting appropriate JARs.

As you said, it does increase complexity, and the only case we're dealing with thus 
far can be solved in other ways, but I suspect that this is a problem that's only 
going to grow over time as we find other JVM version (and *VENDOR*) inconsistancies.

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Christian et al,

My comparative ignorance of Java hampers me here, but might it not be 
possible to provide some sort of upgrade insurance by attempting to 
isolate version-dependent components behind access classes which provide 
a common interface and graceful degradation in the case of unsupported 
features?  Put all of the version-dependent classes in a separate jar, 
and compile and build that jar with the current version.  Notify users 
about this problem, and get those with particular environments to build 
fop-jverdep.jar (or whatever) and feed it back to us.  The binary 
download environment can be set up to accommodate each supported Java 
version, with the fop.jar as a common link.

Obviously it's more work for us, and more discipline when introducing 
new features, but it takes care of the customers.  That's if it can be 
done at all.


Christian Geisert wrote:
> Hi,
> Building Fop with JDK1.2 does not work at the moment.
> The problem is the method java.awt.Font.createFont(..) which
> is used by the AWT viewer for displaying truetype fonts and
> is avaible first since JDK1.3.
> So what should we do?
> 1) Declare that Fop needs JDK1.3
> 2) Remove truetype font support from AWT viewer
> 3) Compile Fop with JDK1.3 (which will be done anyway)
> and state in the release notes that compiling with JDK1.2
> and using truetype fonts in the AWT viewer does not work.

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