Peter B. West schrieb:
> Can anyone answer the questions below?  Hopefully, before the release.

Ok (building the RC atm ;-)

> I think we need to discuss these issues in more depth.  We have people 
> using FOP in production, and, in spite of the fact that everyone is 
> aware that FOP is pre-beta, and that everything about it is subject to 
> change, we should show some concern for issues which impact production 
> environments.  There is not an immediate necessity to publish 0.20.4; it 
> can be delayed a little while we try to find out more about these issues.
> Further to one of my points below: if TT fonts are not supported in AWT 
> in 0.20.3, then the proposed interim solution of compiling with 1.3 and 
> notifying users that TT fonts will not work with 1.2 looks OK.

Ok, I'll try to explain.

The standard fonts (times, courier etc.) are mapped fix to Java fonts
(Serif, MonoSpaced etc. - which are actually truetype fonts I think).
Additonal (truetype) fonts are loaded with a method in java.awt.Font
which was first introduced in jdk1.3 (The font is loaded with the full
path and not created with the name).
While running under jdk1.2 the NoSuchMethodException is caught and one
of the standard fonts will be used instead.
This way it was already done in 0.20.3.

Hope this clarifys the issue a bit.

> Peter


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