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> Picked this one up @ mulberry:
> "In RenderX XEP, an XSL FO formatter, the preprocessor is written in XSLT;
> it is a complex stylesheet of moderate size, and it does what is best to
> do in XML manipulation language."
> Does anybody here have an idea of what exactly is meant by this?
> Is it an option that has once been considered for/is applicable to FOP?

Sorry if I keep nagging 'bout this, but I'm guessing it has something to do
with streamlining the FO before the actual processing... Hmm. I definitely
see *some* possibility in key'ing certain types of nodes and their
(un)resolved attributes --and it does offer the advantage that you can
transform certain subtrees to offer an input that would be swifter and less
memory-intensive to handle, to control the object instantiation rate in some
way (? if the spec is too verbose or too obscure to map into a decent,
manageable OO-structure, maybe this sort of 'preprocessing' could be of

In a way, I see a link to alt-design's pull-parsing --only this part could
be handled by Xalan or a pluggable XSLT processor of the users' own



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