Nikolai Grigoriev wrote:
I realize I was wrong when I answered to this forum - I could not expect my words to be interpreted this way. Please disregard my previous message; I also unsubscribe from the list, to make you feel sure I don't induce anyone into wrongdoing.

RenderX (--still wondering which of the two is more true: either his
employers have no idea what he's doing, or he doesn't care whether they know... or he is his own employer trying to lure me into doing
something illegal --in which case he'll fail

I _am_ in the position to decide myself how much technical information about RenderX XEP can be safely disclosed. But if you prefer to see any word that comes from RenderX as a fraud attempt, you're welcome.

- hey, come to think of it, does RX need money or what? =D )

And they have the money - earned by writing software, not by cheating.

Yours truly,
Nikolai Grigoriev
XEP Project Leader


Please re-consider your decision. I, for one, am extremely pleased that developers on other XSL-FO projects, especially ones so successful as RenderX, are interested enough in FOP to monitor this list, and, even more, to respond here.

If you have watched us for a while, you will realise that Glen tends to shoot from the hip, and expresses himself forcefully. (I have done the same on occasion.) More than one of the regulars here has been stung by Glen's comments, but we understand that that is Glen's manner. We value his contributions greatly, and shrug off the more over-the-top expressions of opinion because we are used to the way he says things.

I hope you can bring yourself to do the same.

Glen raised issues which we in FOP must consider carefully. However, I enjoy the community of interest between us and commercial developers, and if you or, say, Tony Graham from Sun's xmlroff, wants to chime in to the discussions I welcome the input greatly.

Peter B. West <>

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