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> If you look into XEP's main jar (e.g. xep372_trial.jar), you can find 
> the preprocessor stylesheet under com/renderx/xep/pre/processor.xsl.
> This stylesheet is the main reason why XT is always needed in the 
> classpath to run XEP.

Ouch! I just knew there was something obvious I was overlooking :)

> > Does anybody here have an idea of what exactly is meant by this? 
> It performs the most trivial preprocessing: strips namespaces, expands 
> some shorthands, normalizes tables with no fo:table-row, etc. etc;
One of the kinds of things I was thinking about...

> things that are more easily expressed/debugged in XPath than in Java. 

... and a few more.

I'll be following up on this, that's for sure.

Thanks a lot for pointing this out!



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