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> From: Glen Mazza [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Please do *not* share anything you find with the
> team--We don't need any you-stole-our-code headaches
> from the commercial implementations.

Ok, I won't

No offense, but I think you mistake my intentions here, Glen. If not, then
of course I appreciate your concern... Fact is, I have up to now blindly
refused to even have a glance at competing products, probably just because I
share these very same concerns.

To be honest: I was quite surprised to receive an answer from s.o. at
RenderX (--still wondering which of the two is more true: either his
employers have no idea what he's doing, or he doesn't care whether they
know... or he is his own employer trying to lure me into doing something
illegal --in which case he'll fail - hey, come to think of it, does RX need
money or what? =D )

> Be careful, Andreas--RenderX or AntennaHouse code
> should not be in FOP

I *will* be careful. I agree 100% with this, but I don't agree at all with
your stating that

> --nor should FOP developers even
> be looking at its internals.  Matter of simple
> integrity.

I think this is a bit over the top. Suppose that tomorrow, someone gets
fired at RX or AH, and this ex-employee decides to share some ideas with us.
Are we really going to tell him to take a hike?? Just because of simple
integrity? (Suppose that, before we find out, he has already submitted a few
patches that have been applied. Would we undo all of these patches, because
of 'simple integrity'?)
Please, don't get me wrong. I definitely appreciate the nobility of your
motives here, and I too would certainly enjoy the satisfaction of having it
done the honest way, whatever that means.

> Stay away from their work--it's not worth
> it!!!  At worst, it's illegal, at best you're taking
> away the reward--from everyone!--of coming up with a
> comparable implementation.

It's --should I add: of course ?- not the intention to copy anything, just
gather some ideas.

> I don't want FOP tarnished with 0.0000001% of RenderX
> or AntennaHouse code (or inspired code).

My point exactly: how are we going to make sure of that if we're not even
meant to look at their internals? (Who knows, maybe it's 0.000047%
already... Besides that, you never get to see the source from commercial
implementations --source in the strict sense -, unless you're working there
or know your bytecode by heart ;) )

> If we can't provide a comparable implementation, then let us lose
> honorably.  If we can, we can then enjoy the
> satisfaction of having done it the honest way, not by
> copying work!

Are you by any chance familiar with (--Picasso's, I think...):
"Bad artists copy, good artists --steal."

Look at the evolution of the human species, and ask yourself: what would
have happened if every generation had to start from scratch?
What I mean is: you won't find me copying anything! (To be honest, I'm a
little offended by the mere supposition that I might be inclined to do
that... )

Again, I *do* appreciate your concerns for the project as a whole, but I
strongly doubt whether these should be a reason to remain blind to other
peoples' approaches.



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