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> > If you look into XEP's main jar (e.g.
> xep372_trial.jar), you can find 
> > the preprocessor stylesheet under
> com/renderx/xep/pre/processor.xsl.
> > This stylesheet is the main reason why XT is
> always needed in the 
> > classpath to run XEP.
> > 


> I'll be following up on this, that's for sure.

Please do *not* share anything you find with the
team--We don't need any you-stole-our-code headaches
from the commercial implementations.

> Thanks a lot for pointing this out!

Be careful, Andreas--RenderX or AntennaHouse code
should not be in FOP--nor should FOP developers even
be looking at its internals.  Matter of simple
integrity.  Stay away from their work--it's not worth
it!!!  At worst, it's illegal, at best you're taking
away the reward--from everyone!--of coming up with a
comparable implementation.

I don't want FOP tarnished with 0.0000001% of RenderX
or AntennaHouse code (or inspired code).  If we can't
provide a comparable implementation, then let us lose
honorably.  If we can, we can then enjoy the
satisfaction of having done it the honest way, not by
copying work!


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