On Thu, 2004-02-05 at 15:28, Andreas L. Delmelle wrote:

> I think this is a bit over the top. Suppose that tomorrow, someone gets
> fired at RX or AH, and this ex-employee decides to share some ideas with us.
> Are we really going to tell him to take a hike?? Just because of simple
> integrity? (Suppose that, before we find out, he has already submitted a few
> patches that have been applied. Would we undo all of these patches, because
> of 'simple integrity'?)

I am surprised that MS or their minions at SCO haven't twigged to the
following scheme"

They could 'set-up' Open Source by masquerading as some student
in netland and submit some provably proprietary code as original.

Six months later, MS sues Linus for malfeasance with the vigorous
support of Homeland Security ... 

Of course, conspiracies never succeed for long. Some small fish
would rat them out.


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