If you look at my initial post for the vote you'll see my main reasons
for getting this started. If we want to be clean about following ASF
policy then we would have had to invest more time sorting out the
problems. I think the patterns that remained until the end were not
tainted as such. They are merely derived works from other people from
which we would need grants to be on the safe side as far as ASF
licensing policy is concerned. So in this light it was a blanket
decision to get out of the hyphenation pattern business. If someone
starts creating hypenation patterns under a BSD or Apache license that
would be great, of course.

For reference:

On 02.04.2005 01:12:05 Victor Mote wrote:
> Hi all:
> I didn't want to interfere with your vote, but it looks like the dust has
> settled a bit.
> I think FOray wants to take a different approach to the hyphenation pattern
> licensing problem. Specifically, I think we still need such patterns under
> an Apache-style license, and would like for FOray (or someone else) to keep
> hosting the ones that are already conformant to that license, and host a
> place to build the ones that aren't. I know a bunch were purged approx. 18
> months ago that were deemed non-conformant, but I was under the impression
> that the remaining ones were thought to be conformant, specifically:
> en English
> es Spanish
> fi Finnish
> hu Hungarian (?)
> it Italian
> pl Polish
> pt Portuguese
> ru Russian
> I am unsure whether the decision to move these to OFFO was because these
> were also tainted, or just a blanket decision to get out of the hyphenation
> patterns business entirely.
> If they are all tainted, then I will start them over from scratch and build
> them from sources that are not tainted. Otherwise, it would obviously be
> nice to keep the base that is there. If anyone knows of issues that taint
> the above files, please post a message back to this list. Thanks.
> Victor Mote

Jeremias Maerki

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