I would need some help to understand how transcoders and
text handling within svg should work.

o first, when I try to convert some svg that contains text
  into pdf with Batik (1.6), text is always rendered as
  strokes, even if it would be possible to render it with
  pdf text primitives. Whereas it is said on the Fop website
  [1] that normal PDF text is used when possible (I've tried
  with the text.svg file provided there). Is that normal?

o the strokeSVGText option seems to have disappeared in Fop
  Trunk. It doesn't appear anywhere in the source code,
  except in a commented line in PSRenderer.java. Is it
  abandoned? Not yet implemented in Trunk?

o the PDFTranscoder.configure method is never called within
  Fop, neither by Batik. What is (was) its purpose?

o only the PDFTranscoder is distributed with Batik. Is
  the PSTranscoder broken? Should I adapt it to FOrayFont?


[1] http://xmlgraphics.apache.org/fop/0.90/graphics.html#svg-pdf-text

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