On 24.11.2005 21:27:28 Jeremias Maerki wrote:
> Hi Vincent
> On 24.11.2005 21:00:58 Vincent Hennebert wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > I would need some help to understand how transcoders and
> > text handling within svg should work.
> > 
> > o first, when I try to convert some svg that contains text
> >    into pdf with Batik (1.6), text is always rendered as
> >    strokes, even if it would be possible to render it with
> >    pdf text primitives. Whereas it is said on the Fop website
> >    [1] that normal PDF text is used when possible (I've tried
> >    with the text.svg file provided there). Is that normal?
> For PDF, this should not be the case. I guess I need to check that again.
> Prior to the 0.90alpha1 release this was fixed by introducing
> PDFBridgeContext. For PostScript, this is the case, yes, because I
> haven't had the time to do the necessary changes, yet.

I've just checked:
- PDFTranscoder has the text bridge enabled and uses text commands for
text where possible.
- The same applies to SVG within XSL-FO (PDFSVGHandler)
- EPSTranscoder has the text bridge enabled but the PSTextPainter has a
bug determining paintable text elements and there's another problem with
the Java2D subsystem which paints all text upside down ATM. Now I
remember that I've started debugging in this area but obviously I didn't
- For SVG in XSL-FO for PostScript output, the text bridge is currently
inactive so that all text is rendered as shapes. The upside-down effect
doesn't occur in this case.

Good summary for myself when I get back to this. :-)


Jeremias Maerki

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