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On 24.11.2005 21:00:58 Vincent Hennebert wrote:
> Hi,
> I would need some help to understand how transcoders and
> text handling within svg should work.
> o first, when I try to convert some svg that contains text
>    into pdf with Batik (1.6), text is always rendered as
>    strokes, even if it would be possible to render it with
>    pdf text primitives. Whereas it is said on the Fop website
>    [1] that normal PDF text is used when possible (I've tried
>    with the text.svg file provided there). Is that normal?

For PDF, this should not be the case. I guess I need to check that again.
Prior to the 0.90alpha1 release this was fixed by introducing
PDFBridgeContext. For PostScript, this is the case, yes, because I
haven't had the time to do the necessary changes, yet.

> o the strokeSVGText option seems to have disappeared in Fop
>    Trunk. It doesn't appear anywhere in the source code,
>    except in a commented line in PSRenderer.java. Is it
>    abandoned? Not yet implemented in Trunk?

At one point we thought this option would not be necessary. However, I
think that we need to reintroduce it to provide a fallback
if the special text handling does not produce satisfactory results. The
idea behind the various TextElementBridges is that they determine
themselves when they can paint text as text and when they have to resort
to painting text as shapes. Thomas, what do you think about this topic?

> o the PDFTranscoder.configure method is never called within
>    Fop, neither by Batik. What is (was) its purpose?

It is used to configure the font subsystem through Avalon-style
configuration. I'm using it in my private code. This method will be
removed as the transcoders migrate out of FOP into Batik. However, I
assume we will reintroduce other mechanisms to configure fonts that make
it possible to make avalon-framework an optional dependency to the
transcoder code. BTW, this will have to count for the whole of the font
and PDF libraries. Batik doesn't want mandatory dependencies on too many
external libraries. On the other side, we haven't looked at the details,
yet. We may do a two-level approach, one of which will not make a
dependency on the font subsystem necessary. Don't get scared about that
right now. We'll figure out the details while we work on that stuff.

> o only the PDFTranscoder is distributed with Batik. Is
>    the PSTranscoder broken? Should I adapt it to FOrayFont?

It's not broken but has less features and I guess the demand hasn't been
that high for pure SVG to EPS conversion. You should treat the
EPSTranscoder and the PSTranscoder the same way as the PDFTranscoder.
The PSTranscoder has less value than the EPSTranscoders. It was
originally intended for use with SVG Print but I never got around to
having a closer look at it. If anyone wanted PSTranscoder gone, I
wouldn't be upset.

Jeremias Maerki

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