Sorry, I was very busy with other stuff to work on table auto layout (plan
to return to that next week), but right now another additional issue is
bothering me - how could I have simple enter form (in which you have column
of labels and column of aligned input fields) converted? I saw already
suggestion of using table for that purposes, but it's not suitable for my
situation, cause I'd like in this case to have mostly one row of such table
independent from another and making such calculations a little bit ahead is

So, I have proposal (please correct me if it's already decided on similar
one what to do) to implement something like fo:tab tag, which will at the
first stage of implementation work mostly like fo:leader, but with
additional knowledge of what is the default tab step is and will calculate
where is nearest tab stop should be placed based on the text block sizes
under processing.

Does it make sense in terms of FOP at all?

Any help would be appreciated.


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