> In this case, if the XML format is fixed and cannot be changed at the
> source, I don't think that XSL-FO is capable of rendering this content.
> I'd check if you can't change the XML format to process in the first
> place. If not, I wouldn't use XSL-FO but another format which supports
> type-writing style, like ODF (OpenOffice) or Word XML (MS Word), to
> create the documents in PDF format.

My XML format is fixed, so from your statement it seems that XSL-FO is not
suitable then at all for such type of conversion and especially into PDF
format. Any plans to enhance it in that type-writer-style text support
direction? The main value for me of XSL-FO is its pure Java nature. Yes, you
are right that HTML doesn't have tab stops support, but that is different
story I think.

I've tested Andreas approach with tables and column numbers/spans but later
found it as very particular font specific (correct chars per tab calculation
having in mind possible different text styles is almost equal to the task of
space leader length calculation between 2 parts separated by tab stop - at
least it seems so for me).

Thank you,

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