> That would be the
> case if you needed different tab-stops for different lines. In the
> example the tab-stops are all the same

My sample was just the easiest one to get your thoughts on it. But in
general case I really need to have different tab-stops for different

In general it would be like this:

blabla:  text1 after one tab
blablabla:    text2 after one tab
blabla:       text3 after 2 tabs
    blabla:   text4 when one tab exists before label and another after it
    blabla:   text5 first line
              text6 second line
              text7 third line

So, as you may see - different tab stops positions are used having here each
default step. But then later I have also the case when each line has its own
tab stops.

And again I think that extension of fo:leader attributes (if you don't want
to introduce any new, though more logically stated, elements) should help to
solve all of that complexity.

Probably I should go then on my own if no one else supports that idea.


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