Hello Hugues,

> 1/ I have done a little test with 2 pdf documents that have
> externals links between them. These documents are xml docbook files
> and are generated with saxon to obtain xsl-fo then with the last
> fop-trunk (527408) for pdf. When I click on a external link on the
> first pdf, the second pdf is open by firefox on the first page but
> it doesn't go on the good page where the external link is.

After applying Jay's latest commits, I've set up a test case with 5
named destinations (declared in non-alphabetical order) and I get
inconsistent results.

- When I link to those destinations as relative URLs, like this:


  then sometimes my browser opens the document on the right spot, and
  sometimes it opens at the top of the file. This is independent of
  the link, i.e. if a click again on an already visited link, it may
  turn out right where it first was wrong, or vice versa.
  The browser always displays the intended location in the URL bar,
  even if it went top-of-file:


- When I link to them as PDF destinations, like this:


  the document is opened in Adobe and always at the right location.
  (Note: this only works if you have applied patch 42067, which you

Looking inside the PDF Dests object, I see that

a) the top-level /Limits are OK: they show the alphabetically first
   and last elements.

b) the /Kids are sorted alphabetically on destination name.

So I wonder: might it be the browsers that are screwing up here?
Notice the plural: although Firefox is my default browser, PDF URLs
are opened in MSIE.

Kind regards,
Paul Vinkenoog

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