Last update for now:

- When I link to those destinations as relative URLs, like this:


  then sometimes my browser opens the document on the right spot, and
  sometimes it opens at the top of the file. This is independent of
  the link, i.e. if a click again on an already visited link, it may
  turn out right where it first was wrong, or vice versa.
  The browser always displays the intended location in the URL bar,
  even if it went top-of-file:


After putting the files online, everything worked perfectly - for a
while. Only after lots and lots of clicking did Firefox seem to get
confused and started to land on wrong spots (either top of file, or
another existing named destination.)

MSIE made a mess of it right from the start.

In case anybody wants to play with this, the files are at:

The one containing the links is dests.pdf, the target file is

.fo sources are also there, as well as Jay's test files.

Kind regards,
Paul Vinkenoog

Hi, Paul,

Thanks for the additional testing and for the code review.

My only guess about the odd opening behavior is that different browsers do
different things, though that still doesn't explain the inconsistency within
the same browser.

I will also try to do some more testing, but it won't be until the weekend.
Two of my clients are keeping me busy this week. Also, I just finished
building a new computer, so now I need to put the OS and apps on the thing.

Jay Bryant
Bryant Communication Services

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