> - When I link to those destinations as relative URLs, like this:
>     external-destination="nbackup.pdf#nbackup-dochist"
>   then sometimes my browser opens the document on the right spot, and
>   sometimes it opens at the top of the file. This is independent of
>   the link, i.e. if a click again on an already visited link, it may
>   turn out right where it first was wrong, or vice versa.
>   The browser always displays the intended location in the URL bar,
>   even if it went top-of-file:
>     file:///F:/FOP/FO-files/nbackup.pdf#nbackup-dochist

After putting the fox:destinations in the target file in alphabetical
order and rebuilding the PDF, the above still holds. So whatever the
cause, it's not a sorting problem.


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