Hello Jeremias,

> First observation: Adobe Acrobat doesn't list any destinations when
> the PDF is created with FOP Trunk, but it does if you generate the
> PDF with FOP 0.20.5. So I went into the PDF....

If I build with the current (unmodified) fop-trunk, Adobe Acrobat 5.0
lists the destinations alright. Which version did you use?

Testing your dest.pdf and nbackup.pdf online, I get the same results
as before. With Firefox: good most of the time, but sometimes wrong
(landing on top of file instead of the page where the target is).
With MSIE: wrong most of the time.

If I download the files to my computer and test them there, it often
goes wrong (note that on my computer, if I click on a URI link in the
PDF, MSIE is launched, even though Firefox is my default browser).

I can't test your GoToR links locally, because GoToR generation is
broken in fop-trunk (they work online though, because they are broken
in such a way that they form a correct URL...)

So, all in all, after your modifications I get the same results (good
and bad) as before. Still I think they're an improvement, because
there's less unnecessary indirection.

(I also think that where it goes wrong, the browsers are at fault,
especially MSIE, and not the destinations code).

Paul Vinkenoog

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