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Adrian Cumiskey a écrit :
> Hi,
> Currently the AFPRenderer is fixed to use a calculation against a static
> final DPI_CONVERSION_FACTOR_240 to produce 240 dpi output.  I've looked
> at the code, and it looks fairly straight forward to introduce an extra
> configuration setting which would allow the user to modify this
> calculation so that other desired resolutions can be produced.  So I was
> thinking of introducing a new variable and trying it out.  I thought a
> candidate name for this setting might be something like
> target-resolution, but of course we have that already as a general
> setting for the purposes of adjusting resolution output on bitmap
> renderers.
> So what do you think would be a suitable name for this new setting?
> And do you think it would make sense to have target-resolution and
> source-resolution (also?) available as a renderer specific setting?

Well it seems that target-resolution would also be fine for AFP.
Actually, by looking at the doc it seems that this parameter actually
has 2 different purposes: the resolution of the output when FOP produces
bitmap images, and the resolution of images produced by Batik (although
I don’t really get that latter).

It will perhaps make sense to separate those 2 purposes and make the
former renderer-specific. Something like “output-resolution” would make
sense to me. “target-resolution” would be kept as a general setting and
would only apply to Batik.

Does that make sense?

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