Vincent Hennebert wrote:

Hi Adrian,


Well it seems that target-resolution would also be fine for AFP.
Actually, by looking at the doc it seems that this parameter actually
has 2 different purposes: the resolution of the output when FOP produces
bitmap images, and the resolution of images produced by Batik (although
I don’t really get that latter).

It will perhaps make sense to separate those 2 purposes and make the
former renderer-specific. Something like “output-resolution” would make
sense to me. “target-resolution” would be kept as a general setting and
would only apply to Batik.

Does that make sense?

Everything except the names. I think it makes sense to have one general purpose resolution setting and then renderer specific settings which control renderer specific resolution. In the case of AFP this will affect more than just imgaes, but for other renderers we are just talking about images. "output" and "target" have similar semantics in the English language and the distinction between them will not be clear enough for the users. Maybe the general purpose one (which currently only controls batik) should be "default-resolution" and it could also apply to images for renderers which dont have an explicit "renderer-resolution"


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