Vincent Hennebert wrote:

Hi Chris,

Hmmm, I’m perhaps making a confusion here. I thought target-resolution did also apply to the whole images generated by the renderer; i.e., for the TIFF renderer, the resolution of the image representing the whole document, and not only images inside it. Isn’t that the case? Then, why wouldn’t target-resolution also apply to images in PDF output?

Good point. I overlooked the Tiff and PNG Renderers in my reply. Target aka default resolution would apply to images in PDF as well as the resolution of the generated Tiff, PNG etc.

Perhaps I should ask the question on fop-user, I’m sure I will find there nice developers who will enlighten me...

"output" and "target" have similar semantics in
the English language and the distinction between them will not be clear
enough for the users. Maybe the general purpose one (which currently
only controls batik) should be "default-resolution" and it could also
apply to images for renderers which dont have an explicit

renderer-resolution sounds fine to me.

Great. I think it is a lot clearer than "output-resolution"


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