Jeremias Maerki wrote:

Ok, I agree that renderer-resolution is a good name if we need a
per-renderer setting for the resolution. But applying Adrian's patch
#43041 would leave the codebase in a strange situation where you have to
configure the AFP renderer through the renderer setting and the TIFF/PNG
renderers through target-resolution. And that just begs for confusion.

I guess I still have a problem where to draw the line between
target-resolution and renderer-resolution, for example when looking at
the PDF renderer.

Well if the renderer-resolution is specified for PDF then it overrides the target-resolution. Otherwise the PDF renderer should use target-resolution as it does now.

I think a per renderer resolution is needed because users are likely to want to treat AFP differently to Tiff output. I don't think it is acceptable to require a separate configuration file depending on whether you want to generate AFP or Tiff etc.



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