On Apr 18, 2008, at 21:52, Simon Pepping wrote:
Easy please. Vincent has a preference. Jeremias is OK with it, but he
is not hot about it, so he is not going to do it. Vincent did not add
the new utilities, so he is not going to do it. That leaves Andreas to
do it, or me, or ..., or it remains undone.

My thoughts on this:

a) if anyone really has a /strong/ preference to have it one way or the other, then I would expect a commit rather than a 'comment'. ;-) b) if anyone states that he does not care that much, such 'comments' are probably never going to get him to make the necessary changes anyway. At most, any further insistence would irritate him slightly. (If he were me, at least...)

All fine by me if you're just raising the question to check if anyone would disagree with such a change, but as soon as the answer is: 'Whatever, go right ahead if you prefer', then, please, take the hint and either shut up and live with it, or commit the changes yourself if it is /that/ important to you.

No amount of nagging about it is going to help anyone. Quite on the contrary, as we are now seeing (yet again?), if this passes a certain threshold, it starts to hurt productivity.

I suggest we let the matter rest here before it grows to ridiculous proportions --if it hasn't already... After all, it's not as if it concerns any Major design decisions--, and get back to coding, helping FOP users and everything else that /really/ matters.



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