Thanks guys for chiming in. I’ll try to keep it short in order to not
relaunch the debate.

Let me just give some background that maybe will explain my reaction:
when I started to work on the implementation of collapsing borders in
tables, I spent almost twice the time that was initially estimated for
this on just trying to understand the current code and figure out where
I had to start. I am /very/ lucky that my sponsor was patient enough to
give me my chance and get it completed; had I worked on this in my free
time I would have abandoned long time ago. I really had the feeling that
I was doing the documentation and clean-up job in place of someone else;
there’s no fun in it and the perspective that I’ll have to do that again
for the next big task I’ll carry out makes me go mad. But apparently
that’s normal and I have to try and live with that.

My reaction was not so much triggered by this (indeed) minor issue, as
by the fact that once again I was being answered “feel free to improve”
when asking for cleanup/documentation, and I got tired of it. Each time,
they were small issues that were not a big deal in themselves, but when
combined together make the code IMO unnecessarily difficult to
understand. We are dealing with a very complex piece of software, so it
looks even more important to me to keep the code as clean and readable
as possible. Actually I consider this to be my duty whenever I commit
something, and not spending the little time this requires for that
eludes me completely.

Jeremias, I have absolutely nothing personal against you, and I did
enjoy the time we had together during the ApacheCon. You are much more
experienced than me and I wish I were as quick as you can be when
implementing new features. But I don’t change my mind on this and still
think you should try and clean-up your code a bit more.


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