On 10.01.2003 18:25:54 Stephan Wiesner wrote:
> I use DocBook XSL styles, latest version 1.58.1. The PDF generation with 
> the default style works. I set two parameters, one to turn on double 
> sided layout (this alone works) and the genaration of the boomarks 
> (displayed in the Acrobat Reader on the left). The second option 
> terminates the transformation with a 'null'.

Ok, still too little information. Are you sure that FOP and not the XSLT
processor shows the error message? Could you try to enable debugging? I
don't know how FOP is called in your environment. For the FOP command
line this is -d.  When embedded the logger must be set to DEBUG level.
Could you then post the full error message together with the stacktrace
and maybe some XML/XSL files nicely zipped up?

Maybe someone with DocBook experience could check if this problem can be

Jeremias Maerki

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