On 10.01.2003 19:11:02 Clay Leeds wrote:
> At 09:51 AM 1/10/2003, you wrote:
> >You're running FOP from the command line, so you won't have any chance
> >to influence the setting of the logger yourself. You can only use the -d
> >option to set the logger to DEBUG level. But what you see here is
> >probably a bug in 0.20.4. Have you tried 0.20.5rc already?
> Actually, I'm not currently having a problem. I copied cmd line output from 
> my last successful run of FOP. That was merely one of the lines output when 
> I executed the -d option in the command line.
> So, are you saying that since I'm running from the command line, I can't 
> set up the logger? Does the logger show anything different from what I get 
> with -d?

Yes, you can only tell the logger to output more (DEBUG level with -d,
INFO level without). All output is sent to standard out.

Setting a logger (when calling FOP from Java) would enable you to have a
much finer control over logging. You could have the logger send all
messages to a remote log service for example. But you need some Java

> FWIW, I've tried 0.20.5rc and have found the output almost identical with 
> the current version. One exception is that it seems to run about 30%-40% 
> faster now (!):

*GRIN* Thanks especially to Henrik Olson for that one!


> It's interesting to note that 0.20.5rc requires more "Initial"  & "Current" 
> heap size, but used less memory. It also appears to shave off 1260ms (40% 
> savings!). Keeping in mind that this is a Release Candidate and that things 
> could change (not to mention release date! :-), but this certainly bodes 
> well...

Not likely.

> Other than speed, I haven't noticed any changes since the previous version 
> personally (what do you guys do with all of your time anyway? :-). 
> Seriously, though, I've been using only JPG & GIF files, so I haven't 
> needed the functionality of JAI & JIMI yet. I'm also looking forward to 
> ENCRYPTION options.
> BTW, I noticed this in the Release Notes:
> This is the last planed release in the 0.20.x series (aka maintenance branch).
> Does this mean the next version(s) will move to 0.30.x?

No. Next version will most probably be a FOP 1.0DR (Developer's release,
alpha quality). We're currently redesigning FOP as you might have
noticed on the website. But it'll be some time (months) until then. By
the way, we're always looking for helping hands! (That's our plea. :-)

Jeremias Maerki

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