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Hi Nancy

Thanks for your response! So if I install FOP 0.95 from trunk, will it still
issue the warnings?

Just so we are clear: you either use 0.95 or you use the trunk version. I'm puzzled as to what you mean by 'installing 0.95 from trunk'. You would have to check out the trunk source code with a Subversion client, and use Apache Ant to build it. Then use the resulting fop.jar (and dependencies, too: I think XML Graphics Commons' jar has also been updated in the meantime) /instead of/ the fop.jar that is contained in the 0.95 distribution.

For more information on downloading and building FOP trunk, see:

I don't understand what you mean by :
... is specified as the first font (depending on which character/ codepoint you want to render." In my XML file, I just specify the code of the Zapfdingbats symbol
(in the above example, the phone symbol).

If you need the phone icon, then for FOP 0.95 or earlier, you would need one of the following:

<fo:character character="&#x260E;"
font-family="ZapfDingbats" font-weight="normal" font- style="normal" />

<fo:wrapper font-family="ZapfDingbats" font-weight="normal" font- style="normal">&#x260E;</fo:wrapper>

If you would specify 'font-family="AnyOtherFont,ZapfDingbats"', then 0.95 will try only the "AnyOtherFont" family, as it specified first in the list.



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