On Nov 25, 2015, at 5:16 PM, Abilio Marques <abili...@gmail.com> wrote:
> When using git, you're suggested to write comments in the form of:
> Subject Line (recommended as short, 50 to 75 characters long single line)
> Description (whatever you want to put here)

That feature annoys me, FWIW.  Checkin comments give you a way to summarize the 
content of the checkin, but Git wants you to do that, and then summarize the 
summary.  Grrr.

> Fossil lets you add a multi-line comment, by making fossil ci, without 
> passing the -m parameter. It then proceeds to store the newlines in the 
> database, but then the newlines are not displayed.

There is a setting that is supposed to control this, but it doesn’t seem to 
work correctly, or at least, not as I expect it to.

   Admin > Timeline > Allow block-markup in timeline

My understanding is that enabling that setting is supposed to make it continue 
to treat single newlines as soft line breaks, but to treat a double newline as 
a paragraph break.  (Markdown rules, basically.)

Toggling that setting doesn’t change the generated HTML for a two-paragraph 
checkin comment I’m looking at right now with a near tip-of-trunk Fossil 
instance.  ([aa92270fe9])

> Am I missing something from the settings or something that can produce those 
> results?

Would the “Markdown rules” behavior do what you want, or do you really want to 
do summaries of summaries?
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