Here is a trivial working example of what I mean:

If you see carefully there are some commits with ellipsis at the end,
hovering with the mouse over the comment of that commit, you'll see the
full comment as a tooltip.

This was ugly done by introducing the following javascript quick and dirty
hack on the footer:

> <script>

var comments = document.getElementsByClassName("timelineComment");

var i;

for (i = 0; i < comments.length; i++) {

  var fullText = comments[i].textContent.trim();

  var description = "";

  var descriptionStart ='\n');

  if (descriptionStart !== -1) {

    comments[i].setAttribute('title', fullText);

    comments[i].textContent = fullText.split('\n', 1)[0] + '...';




​Needs to be done in a cleaner way. Also, the tooltip can be drawn in a
more beautiful way (e.g.,​

Can anyone else see the usefulness of this idea (if also available in the
command line)?

On Wed, Nov 25, 2015 at 7:46 PM, Abilio Marques <> wrote:

> I know, I know, here we go again looking to git, but this is a question
> concerning clean comments on commits.
> When using git, you're suggested to write comments in the form of:
> Subject Line (recommended as short, 50 to 75 characters long single line)
> Description (whatever you want to put here)
> Then you can do git log (and get the timeline with all the descriptions
> included, keeping the newlines visible), or git log --oneline, to print
> just the subject.
> Fossil lets you add a multi-line comment, by making fossil ci, without
> passing the -m parameter. It then proceeds to store the newlines in the
> database, but then the newlines are not displayed.
> I've been trying to do this at least on the fossil web server timeline
> results, but my knowledge of CSS is limited, and even so, I believe it
> would be an ugly CSS patch.
> I believe having the flexibility of making more verbose descriptions while
> keeping the subject line clean is a "best practice" that could be useful.
> Am I wrong about that?
> Am I missing something from the settings or something that can produce
> those results?
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