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> Fossil lets you add a multi-line comment, by making fossil ci, without
> passing the -m parameter. It then proceeds to store the newlines in the
> database, but then the newlines are not displayed.
> I've been trying to do this at least on the fossil web server timeline
> results, but my knowledge of CSS is limited, and even so, I believe it
> would be an ugly CSS patch.

IIRC, the solution is to add this to your CSS:

.timelineComment {
  white-space: pre


> I believe having the flexibility of making more verbose descriptions while
> keeping the subject line clean is a "best practice" that could be useful.
> Am I wrong about that?

Philosophical questions don't have right or wrong answers, and how to
format commit messages is such a question :/. (FWIW, i believe fossil
should always display (in CLI mode) exactly what was input, without any
sort of reformatting.)

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