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>>  i believe fossil should always display (in CLI mode) exactly what was
>> input, without any sort of reformatting.)
> But actually that's not the case. Fossil doesn't show at least newlines
> (making a long comment a huge blob).
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My phrasing was unfortunately ambiguous. You're correct: fossil does
reformat. My intended meaning was, "if i had my way, fossil would not do
that." (But i believe i'm in the minority on that opinion. ;)

> Yeah, I tried the css trick
> ​ early yesterday​
> , but then I learned the hard way that span items can't take many
> properties as a
> ​block element can
> , so I wasn't able to get any hide and show when hover trick to work
> ​. That's why I ended up doing it in javascript, so it shows only the
> title, and when you hover with the mouse, it shows the rest (see the
> example at
> http://abiliojr.homenet.org:20003/cleantimeline/timeline)

A SPAN is not a block element, but perhaps we should consider making the
comment lines DIVs instead (since DIVs are block elements)?

Another option: you can convert a timelineComment span to a block element
with CSS:

span.timelineComment {
  display: block

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