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>>>  i believe fossil should always display (in CLI mode) exactly what was
input, without any sort of reformatting.)
>> But actually that's not the case. Fossil doesn't show at least newlines
(making a long comment a huge blob).
>> ​
> My phrasing was unfortunately ambiguous. You're correct: fossil does
reformat. My intended meaning was, "if i had my way, fossil would not do
that." (But i believe i'm in the minority on that opinion. ;)

I *think* git reads first content to newline for display of short synopsis
by default, and will print the long form by demanding it. *I* think that
would be ideal. Example:

"Fixes [cafebabe] formatting error for timeline. Shows by default (keep
this short).

This is the long form, and not displayed by default in listing (CLI or
web). Here we describe the challenges and steps, maybe appropriate hints
for this, etc. Examples or code samples would be appropriate here."

So, for the default short display, it *could* conceivably be fine to format
for width (by wrapping), since it's not multi-line anyway - you're not
breaking user-provided multi-line formatting here because we're only
dealing w one line.


>> Yeah, I tried the css trick
>> ​ early yesterday​
>> , but then I learned the hard way that span items can't take many
properties as a
>> ​block element can
>> , so I wasn't able to get any hide and show when hover trick to work
>> ​. That's why I ended up doing it in javascript, so it shows only the
title, and when you hover with the mouse, it shows the rest (see the
example at
>> http://abiliojr.homenet.org:20003/cleantimeline/timeline)
> A SPAN is not a block element, but perhaps we should consider making the
comment lines DIVs instead (since DIVs are block elements)?
> Another option: you can convert a timelineComment span to a block element
with CSS:
> span.timelineComment {
>   display: block
> }
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