Lefty wrote:
> Given the proposition that proprietary software is "illegitimate", and
> the statement above, do you believe that the GNOME Foundation and
> community should distance itself from companies which produce proprietary
> software?
> Specifically, should the Advisory Board be dissolved, and should the
> Foundation refuse further financial support from the companies that
> are currently on the Ad Board?

I for one am interested in Richard's position on this. Mine is clear: I have no 
problem at all working with companies who want to improve GNOME or the GNOME 
platform, even if they develop proprietary software. And the money they give to 
GNOME gets used to improve GNOME, so as long as there are no strings attached, 
I don't care particularly why they give it.

On the other hand, I feel under no obligation to promote their non-free 
software offerings, or guilt in encouraging free equivalents of their 
proprietary components & products.


Dave Neary
Lyon, France
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