I fully agree with Mike. I use FrameMaker since version 3,
and I use many of the shortcuts. I really prefer the new GUI
to the old one.

Regarding making text unconditional in FrameMaker 12:
It's difficult. When you want to _change_ the condition state
you want to set it to On or Off.
However, if you have a few conditions and started to change
something, and then you notice that you should not change
one of the conditions, then you you should be able to set it
to "As Is". However, this "As Is" state is really confusing.
I tested FrameMaker 12 in my virtual machine, and when I clicked
on the On/As Is/Off check box, the check box got hidden
(my virtual machine's fault), and I did not notice that it changed
to "As Is" instead of "Off". I did not understand why nothing
happened when I clicked "Apply" ...

Generally I think that the check boxes are better than the radio
buttons in FrameMaker 11.

Best regards


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Actually, I've not even participated in beta testing of FM and have been 
solicted for feedback and feature requests from the Adobe team. I'm happy with 

And the new interface, in my opinion, is a big improvement over the old FM 7 
interface. I like it so much better. And you can customize your workspaces. You 
may want to check out this video for an overview of using the new interface (as 
of FM 9). I found it very helpful in making the switch way back then:


You may also want to check out message #35 in the following thread, for screen 
captures and descriptions of an example custom workspace I use. It fits 
everything on one screen and works really well for me:


Mike Wickham

On 3/29/2014 6:08 PM, Zimmerman, Gary wrote:

I swear it's like the Adobe FrameMaker developers do absolutely NO usability 
testing, get absolutely NO feedback from existing customers, focus groups, or 
anything else before they foist on us a crappy, untested GUI that their 
offshore developers implemented in some kind of cultural vacuum.


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