At 23:08 +0000 29/3/14, Zimmerman, Gary wrote:

>Sorry to rant.  I LIKE FM.  I'm just so sorry they messed with the GUI and 
>messed up so badly with 9 and onwards.  They may fix it to be decent again 
>incrementally, but like Windows 8, they should have scrapped the whole thing 
>when they realized what a horrible blunder they made instead of turning a deaf 
>ear and insisting everything was great for so long, when real users knew it 
>wasn't so.  Credibility gone.  Maybe 11 is better, maybe 12 even better.  
>Don't know if I'll ever get to try them.

As someone who is about to make the transition from 7 on Mac to 10, or possibly 
12, I find this very depressing. I have never had any gripes - or maybe only a 
few trivial ones - with the GUI in 7. Its shortcut keyset is programmed into my 
fingers, to the extent that I get annoyed when other apps don't respond to them 
- or, worse, do something completely different ;-) I am not looking forward to 
FrameMaker for Windows.

As for Rebecca's original gripe, in 7 I'd go the right-click and Copy Special 
route by default, but I guess it must be really irritating if the relevant bit 
of the GUI doesn't appear.

In another part of the Universe, I've seen a Word Ninja program totally around 
the interface using a combination of VB macros and GUI customization: maybe 
programming around the FrameMaker 10/12 interface is a useful approach? Can 
this sort of thing be done with scripting? A question for Rick, I guess...

Onwards and upwards... or possibly not.


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