I swear it's like the Adobe FrameMaker developers do absolutely NO usability 
testing, get absolutely NO feedback from existing customers, focus groups, or 
anything else before they foist on us a crappy, untested GUI that their 
offshore developers implemented in some kind of cultural vacuum.  (Not offshore 
culture so much as programmer culture - before any programmers get offended, 
there are plenty of exceptional programmers who have a GREAT sense of usability 
and customer needs - apparently Adobe hasn't hired any for the FM team, nor any 
usability/human factors consultants.)

The programming underneath may be great (I doubt it, with the general fragility 
of the thing for many releases now), but the usability if off-the-charts bad.  
Like something designed by a bunch of college programmers who have no concept 
of building a usable product, but instead think "more is better" so they toss 
in everything figuring that they'll have something for everyone, and end up 
with such a hash salad that you spend more time jumping through GUI hoops than 
you do productive writing.  (Remember what college kids did when word 
processors introduce lots of fun fonts to play with - the FM 9 and 10 GUI is 
pretty much the GUI equivalent of "ransom letter" tech writing.)

I can remember when FM was unquestionably a better choice than Word for any 
serious documentation work.  Now they're approaching parity.  I don't know 
about FM8, but when we jumped from 7 to 9, it was all downhill after that.  
We're on 10 now, debating upgrading.  We're also moving to a DITA CMS and 
Xmetal editor - much less powerful, but it does what it needs to do without 
being an obstacle to the writers.  We didn't even consider using FM as our XML 
editor, though the transition might have been less of an issue for our writers 
who are used to FM.

Sorry to rant.  I LIKE FM.  I'm just so sorry they messed with the GUI and 
messed up so badly with 9 and onwards.  They may fix it to be decent again 
incrementally, but like Windows 8, they should have scrapped the whole thing 
when they realized what a horrible blunder they made instead of turning a deaf 
ear and insisting everything was great for so long, when real users knew it 
wasn't so.  Credibility gone.  Maybe 11 is better, maybe 12 even better.  Don't 
know if I'll ever get to try them.

-- garyZ

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Subject: RE: making stuff unconditional in FM12

Hi Rebecca,
I see what you mean and agree that if you want to quickly remove all conditions 
from a selection, it is painful. They should put the Unconditional button back 
in, or have a modifier key were you could uncheck everything with one click.
Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing Inc.

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Subject: making stuff unconditional in FM12

Hi everyone

I just went looking for the "unconditional" button in the revamped Conditional 
Tags pod in FM12. It ain't there.

Am I just being blind? Or is there another one-or-two-click way to make stuff 

At the moment, it looks like I either have to go the Copy Special route, or 
manually untick all the tick boxes. To add insult to injury, they go On > As Is 
> Off, so I have to click each tickbox *twice* to clear it. Seriously, Adobe??


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