I'm with Scott on this one.
I do have my gripes about some of the FM interface (I'm still using 10 but will 
upgrade to 12 as soon as WebWorks supports it), but in general, I've found the 
pods and tearaway catalogs useful. I use two monitors, one in portrait mode for 
my content, and one in landscape mode for all of the dialogs. Works well and 
keeps my working area clean.
Adobe is paying a lot of attention to its users. I've had direct contact with 
the Adobe development team based on comments made here and in the Adobe forums 
- they are listening.  Bear in mind that FrameMaker is not the only product 
Adobe sells and some of the changes made were to make FrameMaker more 
consistent with their other products. You may consider this approach misguided 
but it's corporate policy and almost certainly beyond the control of the Adobe 

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Aw .. c'mon .. that's a bit harsh, don't you think?

I'm not a fan of the "new" (since FM9) UI either, but personally attacking the 
people behind the current product really isn't fair. The current team 
developing FrameMaker *is* very interested in customer feedback, and does 
listen. (And it's certainly not the programmers' faults .. they implement the 
features they are told to.)

The new UI is a significant change from the old standard, but can be tamed if 
you're willing to spend the time to learn how to make it do what you want. 
There are training videos and other info about setting up workspaces and other 
features, and with FM12, they have fixed most of the missing keyboard shortcuts 
(I believe). I totally agree that there are some frustrating aspects to it, but 
that's the new world of UI design. If you don't like it, stick with FM8. No one 
is forcing you to upgrade (although they do encourage it).

As for XML editors .. I think you'll find that XMetaL is considerably lacking 
when compared to FM. Especially if you're planning on generating PDFs .. you'll 
either need to take a step back on your formatting and layout, or you'll still 
need to use FM for PDF publishing. (But I am biased .. I'll admit that freely.)



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