Hi John, 

in the online help for FM 11 it says: 

"If you modify the document with the Track Text Edits feature on and
Preview Final or Preview Original selected, FrameMaker switches from
Preview mode to Tracking mode." 

So I guess you have to decide either to see all changes in tracking mode
or to switch off the tracking feature (which means of course that the
following changes then would not be tracked at all). 

Best regards - Tino H. Haida, Berlin 


> Hi, guys..
> First, thanks for answering my question about using Scope to limit Track
> Changes to a single document.
> Next question: Is there an element in a Framemaker configuration file that
> makes Document the default in the scope of track text edits?
> Also, I find that if I have a document in the state "Preview Final", and I
> make a change, it immediately turns off Preview Final and shows all the
> track changes. I'd like to be able to work in a clean view and only view
> the changes when I want..
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