It's actually not necessary to create such a rectangle. You can set the 
fill pattern and color for the text frame.

At 07:28 AM 8/8/2006, Vijay Mahesh Tarwala wrote:
>Hi Joliet, To achieve what you desire, here is the trick. Go to the 
>"Master Page" and Add a rectangle of the size of your page with the 
>desired colour and align it behind any text blocks. Now return back to the 
>Body Pages, and VOILA there you are with the background colour for your FM 
>document. Regards and Best Wishes, Vijay Mahesh Tarwala 
>On 8/8/06, ???? <caritas at> wrote: > Dear alls, >     I want to 
>change the background color (same as the /papercolor in LATEX) for my 
>document. In FM7, how could I do this? > > Thanks very much. > BR, > Jolie
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