Doe the word document have a lot of screenshots/graphics? If yes, they
are usually the primary culprits. A lot of times the embedded graphics
bloat a Word document and when that document comes to Frame, the
problem is compounded.

What worked for me was:
1. Removed all the graphics
2. Pasted them into separate gifs
3. Imported by reference

It was a horribly time consuming task, but it did solve the problem.
The import via filters route might seem to be a time-saver. But,
unfortunately, if the document even once complains about corruption,
no matter how many things you change, and the corrupt document seems
fine, the document will in all probability collapse later.

The safest way is the .txt route and a manual adding of the graphics.

> On 8/9/06, Aruna Panangipally <apanangipally at> wrote:
> > Hello all,
> >
> > We are having trouble while trying to import some Word 2000/2003 documents 
> > into FrameMaker 7.0. We
> > tried both the "File->Open" and the "File->Import->File" methods.
> >
> > Contents of one file do get imported when we use the "File->Open" method. 
> > But once you save and
> > close the resultant FM file, we are unable to open it again. We get a "Not 
> > enough memory to load
> > the file" error.
> >

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