I don't know if the archives are up or not, but there are several
things that are recommended procedure that have been discussed /
recommended a number of times that you're not doing.

First, save the Word files as .rtf and open those in FM.
Second, Frame's Japanese .RTF import filter seems, for many people, to
work better than the straight RTF.
Third, some types of graphics in Word can confound the filters. If the
import seems to die at the same place, check and see if there's a
graphic embedded that you can remove and re-import.

Your memory problem / message: what are the system specifics? Is there
a reason to think that you're not running out of memory?


On 8/9/06, Aruna Panangipally <apanangipally at yahoo.co.in> wrote:
> Hello all,
> We are having trouble while trying to import some Word 2000/2003 documents 
> into FrameMaker 7.0. We
> tried both the "File->Open" and the "File->Import->File" methods.
> Contents of one file do get imported when we use the "File->Open" method. But 
> once you save and
> close the resultant FM file, we are unable to open it again. We get a "Not 
> enough memory to load
> the file" error.
> For all other files we get an "unable to complete translation" error.
> We even tried third party converters such as Filtrix but did not meet with 
> any success.
> Any suggestions on what we could do to complete the import.
> Thanks,
> Aruna
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