At 9:29 PM +0000 2/25/07, Paul Findon wrote:
>Adobe could have pushed FrameMaker as a 1st class word processor and cut the 
>price. Throw in a spreadsheet, a cut-down version of Illustrator, and a 
>Powerpoint alternative and you have a whole new office platform. With 
>Microsoft encroaching more and more into Adobe's markets (i.e., Expression 
>Studio), Adobe may soon be wishing it had done something like this.

 Adobe already had the alternative to PowerPoint with Persuasion. And a good 
spreadsheet wouldn't be that hard to do. FrameMaker would have been the 
absolute best word processor. I think they were afraid of Microsoft. I think 
they are still afraid of MS. Unless you are a Mac-only developer you are, by 
definition, afraid of retaliation from MS if you engage in any seriously 
competitive activity. After all, they have the majority share of the OS market. 
Adobe spin doctors can protest all they want, but it's really pretty obvious. 
One of the truly great things about FrameMaker was the cross platform aspect. 
Didn't they do a great job with that.

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