Book titles are italicized, but chapter titles (and titles of book sections, 
figures, tables, etc.) are normally set in quotes. Italicizing these features 
a bad hack, putting the needs of the writer ahead of those of the user.

I'm curious: could your two-template approach be automatable using structure 
some special DTD magic?


Art Campbell wrote:
> You can also make the punctuation and quotation marks a moot point by
> italicizing the book title, chapter title, heading, or other object,
> which would greatly reduce the number of cross-refs that you need.
> If it was me, I'd think about two templates with identically names
> cross-ref formats -- one with page numbers and one without, for
> print/PDF and online output. Then apply the appropriate format
> depending on the type of output.
> Art
> Art Campbell

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