Some follow-up questions:

1. I've been looking at the Chicago Manual, 15th edition. I'd expect a great 
honking treatment of this subject, but I'm not seeing it. All the 
cross-reference i9nformation is presented with reference to indexes and 
bibliographies. The sections referring to cross-references "in text" are 
discussions of the editor's obligation to check cross-references!

Is there an exhaustive section on x-ref format, in text, that I'm missing?

2. I'm shocked, shocked, I tell you , to discover just what a stick-in-the-mud 
I really am. I thought italics were sacrosanct for referring to the titles of 
separately bound publications. (Although how purely electronic publications can 
be "bound" is a topic for another day.) But .. . you've all gotten over this 
hurdle and use italics to identify cross-references? Like:  "See <open italics> 
Pots and Pans <close italics> on page 85," where "Pots and Pans" is a couple of 
paragraphs with header in a much longer chapter of a much larger *separately 
bound* publication, whether physical or digital?


I must sit down.

In that case, do you also put your italicized x-refs in a different color, so 
as to distinguish them from the titles of separately bound publications, which 
you might also mention in your text? 



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