Does FM print other files successfully?

Will it print a newly created trivial file?


On 2/10/2009, at 8:08 AM, Scott White wrote:

> I have a client running windows XP, Frame 9 and she can't print to  
> postscript file.
> She is using acrobat 8 professional so we didn't install the pdf  
> creator for Frame 9. She can create a pdf if she chooses save as pdf.
> I've ensured she has no other versions of acrobat installed.
> When she tries to print to postscript, after selecting Adobe PDF as  
> her printer, it just sits there and does nothing. I went on to her  
> machine with a web session and verified things were set correctly.  
> She can print to postcript just fine with InDesign.
> We have uninstalled Frame and reinstalled.
> Any places to look would help.

Alan T Litchfield
PO Box 141, Auckland, 1140
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