In whch case there is a problem in your file you are trying to print.

Possible/probable things to look for are graphics, especially malformed eps
graphics, corrupted links and cross references, etc.

When the ps process fails it shouild be producing a log file in the same
directory as that you are atempting to save the ps file into. That will tell
you on what page the ps process is failing and may give some indication of
what it is that is causing the failure. Typically the log file stops on the
page prior to that on which the failure actually took place. So if the last
output was for page 9, then look to page 10 for the error.


Scott White wrote:
> Yes. She gets good print output on both.
> Scott White
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> On Oct 1, 2009, at 2:20 PM, Alan T Litchfield wrote:
>> Does FM print other files successfully?
>> Will it print a newly created trivial file?
>> Cheers
>> Alan
>> On 2/10/2009, at 8:08 AM, Scott White wrote:
>>> I have a client running windows XP, Frame 9 and she can't print to
>>> postscript file.
>>> She is using acrobat 8 professional so we didn't install the pdf
>>> creator for Frame 9. She can create a pdf if she chooses save as pdf.
>>> I've ensured she has no other versions of acrobat installed.
>>> When she tries to print to postscript, after selecting Adobe PDF as
>>> her printer, it just sits there and does nothing. I went on to her
>>> machine with a web session and verified things were set correctly.
>>> She can print to postcript just fine with InDesign.
>>> We have uninstalled Frame and reinstalled.
>>> Any places to look would help.

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