I think we have ended the story of the Framemaker and the network  

I went ahead and told this administrator that there is nothing else I  
can. He had enough suggestions (from everyone on the forums here) to  
either uninstall and reinstall or again contact Adobe. I said, "..  
that what ever he comes up with I'm sure will allow his company to  
fully utilize our software solution and still maintain his network  
integrity." He said he was disappointed with Adobe but understood my  
position and suggestions.

He will do something so I can go up there and train his company on how  
to use our software with Adobe Framemaker and InDesign. I'm sure a  
bubble with a 13-inch laptop in it, no network connection and  
accessible only by people in bio-hazard suits or something like that.

Thanks to everyone for the help.

By the way I downloaded a trial version on a test mac laptop running  
windows xp through bootcamp and found no instance of installing as  
multiuser or single user. Just a straight install with my user password.

Scott White
Media Production & EBC Manager
Implementation Coordinator
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On Oct 16, 2009, at 3:02 PM, Combs, Richard wrote:

> Scott White wrote:
>> Ok I just got off the phone with this guy. He doesn't like my
> suggestions,
>> Art's suggestion or anyone else's.
>> He wants to control what gets installed and downloaded on a machine  
>> so
> he
>> wants to do all installs and downloads as administrator rights. He
> doesn't
>> want to give this person administrator rights to run the software in
> fear
>> this person will download other things.
>> He installed photoshop and InDesign under these rules and they will
> open up
>> for the user rights. It's just Frame that won't. He wants me to get
> with
>> Adobe and have them fix this or get answers to his problem.
> At this point, I think I'd adopt a humble, helpless attitude: "Gosh,  
> Mr.
> Windows Administrator, I just don't understand all this high-falutin'
> technical stuff like you do and can't possibly explain it to the folks
> at Adobe the way you can. Since _you're_ the only person who can be
> trusted to install software on this PC, I think _you're_ the one who
> needs to talk to Adobe to resolve the problem that _you're_ having in
> getting it installed properly."
> After all, if the PC user can't use the software, then Mr. Windows
> Administrator clearly hasn't installed it properly. Since that's _his
> job_, it's up to him to determine whether the problem is with him or
> with Adobe.
> I wouldn't want to bet either way. It's most likely that he failed to
> install for All Users. OTOH, Adobe has a pretty poor track record with
> installations. IIRC, I was unable to properly install some version of
> either FM or Acrobat a while back, even though I have full  
> administrator
> rights to my PC. The installation had to be done by someone with
> _network_ administrator rights. Sheesh.
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